Male Extra Ingredients

Male Extra Ingredients

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Male Extra Ingredients – 100% Natural Male Enhancement Recipe

If you’ve ever experience lack luster performance results in the bedroom you are not alone. At one time or another every man has simply had problems in the bed.

But there is something that can be done to prevent having those results in the future. The answer is Male Extra.

With this revolutionary pill you will be harder with more stamina. Plus your orgasms will be eruptive more than they ever were and you will shoot harder and farther than ever before.

The experience will not only please yourself, but it will leave your partner breathless as well.

You are probably already aware that Male Extra is definitely the best product around if you are looking for a way to treat your erectile dysfunction and to improve your overall sexual performance.

Natural Male Extra IngredientsHowever, you may not realize that this is almost exclusively due to the special formula that was invented by the doctors and scientists that worked on developing Male Extra.

In this article, you are going to learn more about Male Extra ingredients and find out why they make it such a powerful pill.

First of all, it is important to remember that Male Extra is entirely natural and that it contains absolutely no additives or synthetic ingredients that might be harmful for your health.

Male Extra ingredients are all obtained from the freshest and the most reliable sources from around the world and processed in laboratories that comply with all the international laws that govern the production of such extracts.

Finally, they are all combined in the unique formula which is the most potent formula out there.

The large part of the beneficial Male Extra results that are focused on improving your impotence is achieved by a careful combination of nutrients, amino acids and proteins that are essential for your sexual health.

All Natural Male Extra Ingredients

Male Extra is a unique product, and probably the best in the market that have a 100% natural formula, jam packed with some of the most potent ingredients for maximum impact.

Each ingredient that is part of the very specific formula used in Male Extra has its own purpose and properties. These properties have been thoroughly studied and tested to make sure that are the best natural element in the world that produces the desired effect.

Many hours of study, experiments and research have been put into the production of this supplement and they guarantee the final outcome without doubt or hesitation.

Check out the list of the Male Extra ingredients:

Male Extra Ingredients

Pomegranate (40% ellagic) 500 mg

Delicious, ripe and full of juicy seeds with a slightly gritty flavor in a ripe ovum of a fruit, this is the pomegranate. However, have you ever considered the benefits a pomegranate can do for your sexual health?

Are you one of the many men who are on the search for those rock hard erections, and to be able to last longer and give your partner those intense orgasms you always dreamed of?

You may have come across supplement after supplement which promises miracles, but which rarely delivers and you may be wondering if any exist.

Pomegranates are nature’s own Viagra: they contain huge amounts of antioxidants.

This has a very positive effect on the body, in being able to tackle potentially cancerous cells, speculatively reduce their risk of heart disease in conjunction with other vitamins, and perhaps to even increase life expectancy. An ancient fruit, pomegranate also helps in sexual enhancement.

PomegranateThey can help improve your ejaculations and intensify your orgasms. You can have bigger, harder erections which last much longer and which never fails to please.

These longer lasting erections will give you much more pleasurable sex, allowing you to try things you’ve never tried before, all night long.

Pomegranate is a natural ingredient and really does provide these really rather superb health benefits as well as improving the sexual performance of a man, and the pleasure that both the man and his partner get to feel and experience.

As reported by Dailymail 1, Pomegranate Juice can create effects similar to Viagra and boosts libido in both women and men.

Moreover, there was an experiment on men with ED that witnessed decrease in symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction as they take a glass of Pomegranate juice regularly for one month 2.

Therefore, this is the perfect reason why Pomegranate is the important component in this male enhancement pill.

Pomegranate is contained as a natural ingredient, alongside a whole list of other helpful Male Extra ingredients which work synergistically to provide that magic formulation for an enriching sexual lifestyle. Pomegranate has been tried and tested true and it can work wonders for you.

As this is an ingredient amongst many in this supplement, blended in a special way to make the most of pomegranate, Male Extra has amazing benefits.

Male Extra ED pills are organic. They are 100% natural and can help you to get harder erections, increase your libido and ejaculate harder, contracting your pelvic floor muscles harder, relieving you to relax you after you get to work with steel rod erections.

Male Extra works in a similar way to Viagra, but without the nasty side effects or health risks.

They do this by regulating a biochemical pathway which produces Nitric Oxide, which your blood vessels respond to, especially in your penis.

Male Extra Nitric Oxide Release

This nitric oxide dilates your blood vessels and this allows more blood to flow into your penis promoting harder erections. Once the penis is erect, it becomes engorged, reducing blood flow leaving the penis.

If you are having difficulties in getting or keeping an erection, you may be having a problem with your Nitric Oxide levels. The amazing ingredient in Male Extra which helps with this is contained in pomegranates.

Pomegranates are in natural form in these all natural and organic supplements, but synergistically and expertly blended with other essential compounds to promote your optimal sexual being. Male Extra and pomegranates ensure amazing erections for you and for her.

L-Arginine 600mg

L-Arginine is another component that boosts nitric oxide which improves blood circulation to the penis. This is possible because L-Arginine breaks down into Nitric Oxide.

It is also able to increase the elasticity of the spaces in the penis where blood is accumulated to achieve an erection.

L-ArginineBy increasing the elasticity of these empty spaces, more blood can flow into them thus producing a harder erection that will last longer.

According to medical studies, taking L-Arginine daily can help achieve harder erections.

In 90s, researchers confirmed that Nitric Oxide is not just necessary for normal blood flow but really essential for optimal sexual performance too.

In numerous scientific studies 3 it is confirmed that L-Arginine enhances blood circulation into the penis by expanding blood vessels, thus helping the penis to expand and keep blood at its utmost capacity. This leads to bigger, more robust and more solid erections.

Male Extra has a generous 600 mg dose of L-Arginine, which is really a wise decision since a research by British Association of Urological Surgeons confirmed that a high dose of L-Arginine can drastically improve sexual performance 4.

And when you combine L-Arginine with Pomegranate you have a guaranteed recipe for rock hard boners and amazing Male Extra results every time.

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 100mg

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane is a naturally occurring form of sulfur and is found in every living being.

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane MSMWhen you have a shortage of MSM in that case body is not prepared to create new cells to substitute damaged or dead cells.

Sulfur is furthermore the essential element of the cell system in which oxygen and other components are used to generate energy.

Food that is rich in the MSM improve the enlargement of the penis by creating more elastic and stretchy cells that will handle extra blood, assisting you to obtain more substantial, rock-solid erections and longer and more robust penis.

It is also confirmed that Methyl Sulfonyl Methane enhances circulation of blood inside the body and boosts energy (more endurance for you).

L-Methionine 100mg

L-Methionine is an essential amino acid which is not produced by the human body, so you have to consume it with foods or by taking supplements.

If you don’t have sufficient amount of this amino acid, you can compromise normal functioning of you organs and your complete body.

An excellent antioxidant, L-Methionine has been proven to to have anti-aging effects.

It also has the ability to reduce the amounts of Histamine in your body. This is important for your sexual function because excessive levels of Histamine make you orgasm more quickly.

L-Methionine decreases the levels of Histamine and consequently, allows you long lasting performance when making love.

Therefore, improved consumption of this substance can provide you better staying power.

Zinc Citrate 14mg

Zinc is the most important mineral for male sexual health as it increases the production of testosterone, which is a male hormone directly related to sexual desire and drive.

It is found throughout the body but its highest concentrations by far are in the pituitary gland and the prostate gland.

Zinc CitrateThe USDA has warned men that they should be cautious to get enough zinc because a deficiency could lead to testosterone deficiency and sexual problems 5.

Zinc is not readily available in many foods we ingest, and when it is it is not easily assimilated by the body so any small amount which is absorbed is insignificant.

The amount of zinc included in Male Extra is exactly the necessary dose the body needs to improve prostate functions with regards to the production of semen.

Also the form of Zinc included in Male Extra (citrate) has medically backed potential to be significantly better absorbed as compared to other zinc compounds 6.

The high-quality zinc citrate in Male Extra will help you boost your libido and get larger ejaculations.

Cordyceps 25mg

Cordyceps originates from Asia and is traditionally used in Chinese medicine as a natural love drug.

This plant is rich in deoxyadenosine and cordycepic acid which impacts those parts of your brain in direct control of regulating sexual desire and can trigger the feelings of pleasure.

CordycepsThis is in fact one of the oldest real aphrodisiacs known to man and have been used in Asian cultures for thousands of years.

But Cordyceps has also been clinically proven to increase sexual desire in over 50% of men and to improve erections in over 64% of study participants 7.

On top of that Cordyceps encourages the production of testosterone and enhances the circulation of blood which makes erection stronger and strengthens your sexual health in general.

Niacin 18mg (vitamin B3)

Vitamin B3 works like a potent ingredient when it comes to erectile dysfunction and a clinical study carried out in a health center of Hong Kong 8 revealed that regular intake of Niacin has contributed to the improved blood circulation in the pelvic region in adult men.

Vitamin B3 optimizes blood circulation by enabling pelvic blood vessels relax, so that they can hold more blood.

Vitamin B3In the same clinical study, scientists have also demonstrated that Vitamin B3 lowers deposit of cholesterol and other detrimental fats in the major arteries of the pelvic region.

By doing this, it opens the way to enable optimal flow of blood to the penis.

In addition to this, Niacin lowers stress hormones and improves mood, which means you’ll be more relaxed in the bedroom.

Niacin will also help boost your energy levels, and for that reason you’ll have more staying power!

These are the main ingredients in Male Extra; all of them are natural and safe. They have been mixed in exact amounts to produce the best results possible.

All of them are produced naturally, without pesticides or artificial fertilizers and prepared as soon as they are collected to take advantage of their full potential.

How Safe are Male Extra Ingredients?

Everyone’s seen the commercials for erectile dysfunction drugs, and heard the long list of side effects and warning that come with them.

Male Extra is not a drug; it’s a natural supplement, so it doesn’t have the same safety issues that prescription pharmaceuticals do.

Unlike many other supplements, Male Extra is without known side effects, it is produced in a Good Manufacturing Practice certified facility, and is perfectly safe.

Though this supplement is safe for the vast majority of people who take it, things like allergies or sensitivities are possible with any natural product, no matter how safe it is.

These symptoms are rare, and generally very mild. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if you experience any allergic side effects as a result of using this supplement.

Who Can Take Male Extra?

Male Extra is for men of any age who are experiencing problems with sexual intercourse, who just want to improve their performance, or who want to protect their reproductive health in a safe, natural, discreet way.

Male Extra BenefitsThis supplement can help with problems ranging from performance anxiety, to weak erections, to a general lack of libido.

If you are experiencing any of these situations, and they are negatively impacting your love life, then Male Extra may be the right supplement for you.

Sometimes, erectile dysfunction and other sexual performance problems can be caused by underlying medical conditions, like hypertension.

If your sexual performance issues are caused by an untreated medical problem, you should not use this supplement until you have consulted a physician and sought treatment.

Male Extra is intended to enhance male sexual function, not to treat the underlying causes of poor reproductive health.

Male Extra Dosage

Male Extra comes in small capsules that can easily be swallowed with a glass of water. The dosage for Male Extra is 3 pills, preferably taken on an empty stomach.

Taking this supplement between meals allows the active Male Extra ingredients to be absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream via the intestinal mucosa, leading to quicker, longer lasting results for the user.

Men who cannot take it on an empty stomach can also take it with food, but this may hamper their results.

One bottle consists of 90 capsules and that is enough for 30 days of typical/recommended use.

If you use this male enhancement supplement for about 12 weeks, you should start to experience its full potential.

If we are considering first visible effects, it should be possible to notice positive changes within just 2 to 3 weeks!

Male Extra is very effective on its own, so it is not necessary to be combined with other medications or supplements intended to treat sexual performance issues.

Male Extra Ingredients Conclusion

It happens to be Male Extra has the finest high quality ingredients that are sent to you in perfectly calculated doses, while providing the freshest product on the market.

In fact, the company promises only to deliver the best ingredients available, and it is reflected in the price. But knowing you are getting quality that works is where the real benefit is.

Many people look at price as a factor when they are considering buying a product.

But when you have to go out and keep buying until you find a product that really works, you spend more in the long run.

Male Extra ReviewsSince many of the companies on the internet are selling sawdust pills, you are risking your money for a pill that does nothing.

But when you order Male Extra, you get quality along with a harder, fuller experience that both you and your partner are going to enjoy.

Plus the largest ejaculations you have ever imagined, with orgasms that are in comparison.

Male Extra ingredients are safe, easy, and guaranteed to work for you, no matter why you’re taking it.

Shipping is always discreet with the MaleExtra the only one that needs to know you are using the product is you.

It is shipped directly to your door, with nothing but the looks of a simple package, with a company name that doesn’t translate to a sexual company.

Male Extra is the most reliable natural male sexual supplement on the market, and they are so confident that men who use this supplement (and their partners) will love the results; they offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

Since it starts working shortly after it’s taken, this means that men will have plenty of opportunity to try Male Extra out and see how it works for them and their partners.

Returning Male Extra is simple, too – no matter why a customer is dissatisfied, all they need to do is return any remaining capsules together with original bottles and you’ll get full money back (minus shipping fees). There are no questions asked, and no hassle, guaranteed.

Male Extra Results

You should take MaleExtra for better erections because it is scientifically proven to work.

While you may take this natural supplement to get amazing erections, you will soon realize that there are many more benefits to MaleExtra – including feeling amazing!

Don’t underestimate what this natural alternative to Viagra can do for your sexual health.

If you are looking for real performance results from an all natural product, then you need not look further. Male Extra will meet all the needs and desire of you and your partner.

Stop waiting and enjoy the pleasure today!

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