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Is PhenQ Your Ultimate Weight Loss Solution?

If you’re thinking about slimming down the healthy way, PhenQ may be the product suitable for you! This supplement is among the most effective and safest weight reduction options that can be found.

Read the following PhenQ review to discover what to expect if you select this multi-functional dietary supplement.

In short, here is why we are recommending this diet product:

Get rid of 2 to 5 pounds every week
✅ Increase your fat burning abilities
PhenQ ReviewsSupercharge your metabolic rate
✅ Boost your lean muscle mass
Fire up energy levels
✅ Prevent the creation of fat cells
Reduce your desire to eat
✅ Controls calorie intake
Positive effects on your mood
✅ Healthy&safe weight loss
Manufactured in a FDA regulated lab
✅ Great 24/7 support via email and phone
Reliable company
✅ 67 day full money back guarantee

PhenQ is a natural phentermine alternative and all-in-one weight loss product that completes multiple tasks for a comprehensive approach to active dieting.

PhenQ Ingredients – Natural Weight Loss Blend

We will examine the ingredients and inspect the results to see if this product really has what it takes to help you lose your excess fat.

PhenQ provides a potent blend of 7 weight loss ingredients. All seven of these are of premium quality and manufactured in a pharmaceutical conditions. This ensures a distribution of the most powerful and purist supplement available.

PhenQ Ingredients

All ingredient are 100% safe and natural and work in harmony allowing you to burn more fat, reduce intake of fats, suppress your appetite, decrease daily calorie intake and increase your metabolism.

Now, we will better explain the combined action they have in decreasing weight.

Alpha-Lacys Reset

Alpha-Lacy RESET formula is an active formula prepared to deliver a synergistic effect of alpha-lipoic acid and Cysteine. It supports aerobic metabolic processes, reduces fatigue and helps with sooner recovery.

Alpha-Lacys Reset® is an original and patented blend that enhances your metabolic rate and stimulates thermogenesis, helping you to get rid of fat easily. Alpha-Lacys Reset® enhances your metabolic function, helping you to use up much more calories and shed fat faster.

When your metabolism is faster body’s heat creation is enhanced too. And to create higher core temperature, your body uses up calories. By stimulating your internal thermostat, Alpha-Lacys Reset® can help you burn more calories even when you are resting.

Detailed medical research has proven the potential of Alpha-Lacys Reset® to reduce body mass (3.44%) and fat deposits (7.24%), as well as improvement in lean muscle (3.80%).

Alpha Lacys Reset

Capsimax Powder

Capsimax Powder contains capsicum, piperine and vitamin B3.

Capsimax PowderIt has an ability to increase body’s core temperature, and therefore, fat burning too 1.

Basically, they target the fats that are in the blood stream and break them down.

Additionally, piperine has the potential to stop the development of new fat cells 2.

L-Carnitine Furmarate

Will help turn your fat deposits into energy and fight the exhaustion often caused by diet programs.

L-Carnitine helps increase the metabolic rate and deliver much needed energy to support your daily activities. It can provide an amazing boost to your metabolism 3.

Chromium Picolinate

ChromiumReduces sugar and carb cravings by regulating your blood sugar levels.

Chromium Picolinate facilitates your cells to assimilate the maximum amount of sugar you consume, so there will be less sugar in your blood.

For that reason you will prevent sugar cravings and appetite 4 which will help you experience weight loss faster.


Calcium can make your cells store less fat by telling them your system is adequately nourished and no longer has to keep fat.

Calcium enhances your metabolism on the cell level and directly target the fat that is stored in your body. They prepare fats from your body to be metabolized easily and in synergy with the other ingredients, they helps force the body to burn the fats for energy.

Obese adults involved in a six month medical study shed more body fat when they enriched their diet programs with higher calcium amounts 5.


CaffeineCaffeine is a natural stimulant that can improve your performance, increase energy levels and suppress your appetite.

It can also improve your fat burning abilities 6 and make you energetic and alert all through the day.


Nopal is a kind of a cactus rich in fibre that expand in your stomach and reduce your appetite. It provides you a feeling of fullness, expanding in your stomach to help you keep from stuffing yourself 7.

It is a natural substance that also binds to the fats you eat in the stomach and stops them from being absorbed into the system.

Nopal Opuntia CactusBy using less fats from meals, your body will not store as much fat.

Nopal is also known in medical community to be great against water retention.

PhenQ weight loss product targets 2 important aspects of fat loss which is LESS calories IN and MORE calories OUT.

Basically, it should block your fat intake, suppress your appetite and work as a one of the best fat burners.

What we like about this dietary product is the fact that its ingredients are backed by clinical studies which proves its great potential when it comes to healthy weight loss.

Why Use PhenQ?

In a modern society, losing excess fat has been a procedure way too complicated for the most of the people, while gaining weight has become way too simple. It is mostly because of our way of living.

We all like to eat to indulge ourselves with the food that contain high amounts of fat that come into our body and stay there as fat stores.

Going to the fitness center and exercising for hours isn’t really a possibility because we are too busy, as most of us have a job that takes almost whole day, so when we finally get home all we want to rest and sleep, without worrying about what and how much we are eating.

This is why it is good to include some extra help in your daily routine.

Effective Fat BurnerPhenQ is among the few superior-strength weight reduction products manufactured in an FDA licensed laboratory.

It has a naturally produced formula and results in no dangerous side effects.

It is recognized to be safe and effective as a fat burner, fat blocker and appetite suppressant.

It is able to work on the enzyme level and control your hunger, while also it increases the speed at which fat from critical spots such as stomach and thighs are used up to produce energy by means of increased core temperature.

What makes this fat burner more advanced than the other weight loss products out there is the fact that it will not result in losing of muscle tissue or muscle reduction, an issue confronted by a lot of slimmers.

It includes an original blend, Alpha-Lacys Reset® that helps in enhancing the lean muscle development, therefore protecting muscle tissue from being lost while you are on diet.

PhenQ Testimonials

The first thing that matter the most is what people are saying about it. According to most PhenQ customer reviews, it works amazingly.

Based on what is told by a lot of consumers, this all-in-one weight loss supplement may help you lose as much as 5 pounds in the first week, and after that 2-4lbs each week, and that is extremely good when you do a comparison with some other weight loss products.

“I have been taking PhenQ for over 3 months now and have nothing but positive things to say. I’ve honestly tried every diet out there with varying degrees of success.

I had heard about it but was a bit apprehensive about taking “diet pills” but in all honesty, I don’t know why I hadn’t done it sooner!

PhenQ Before And After

I’ve lost over 44 pounds of fat and I’m planning to lose some more.

I definitely eat way less than before, but what I really love about PhenQ is the fact that you can actually feel this one working, especially when I’m working out. Lots of stamina and sweating more than normal.” – Taiylah

PhenQ Side Effects – Is It Safe?

PhenQ is safe to use for healthy adults and has no reported dangerous side effects.

Still, the supplement does include mixture organic stimulants, and if you are sensitive individual it might cause you some mild effects like sleeping problems. To prevent this, don’t use this supplement late in the evening.

PhenQ Side EffectsIt is true that there have been no adverse PhenQ side effects recorded in the past. However, that is no reason to simply take this drug without regard to your safety.

The body of each person is different and even though a lot of people have already used this without problem, complications may arise with you.

As with all other fat burners there are people (pregnant or nursing mothers, preexisting health condition, those who are using some other medication) who need to consult with their doctor first before using these pills.

Also, to avoid any negative effects you should use this product as manufacturer suggests – you simply take one pill with 8oz water 20 minutes before breakfast and one pill with 8oz water 20 minutes before lunch. Do not take more than two pills per day!

This weight loss supplement does not contain any flavorings, preservatives or artificial colorings and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It is not known to cause any negative side effects and is safe for long term use.

Where can I buy PhenQ?

This supplement is only available via its official website and you can choose between 3 options.

? 1 bottle of 60 pills – $69.95 per month
? 2 + 1 Free (180 pills) – $139.90 or $46.63 per month
? 3 + 2 Free (300 pills) – $189.95 or $37.99 per month + FREE Detox Supplement

Manufacturer offers a 67 days money back guarantee and free shipping with every order.

PhenQ Pros And Cons


PhenQ is regarded as a non-prescription fat burner which offers pharmacy quality ingredients and is manufactured in FDA and cGMP accredited facilities.

PhenQ DirectionsIt also endorsers balanced and natural weight reduction of 2-5 pounds in one week. Exactly why is this?

Due to the fact that if you get rid of more than 5-6 pounds in one week, you might be in danger of altering your hormonal balance and that could possibly put your body into starvation mode which could lead to extreme hunger cravings and fat gain.

It is also different because it has a potential to protect against muscle loss at the time of weight reduction, and can even help you gain some muscles.

Your biceps and triceps, thighs, belly, or other typical fat regions won’t sag after having PhenQ for a couple of months.

✅ Reliable and completely legal fat burning supplement
✅ Without dangerous side effects
✅ Pharmacy quality product, manufactured in FDA approved labs
✅ Controls appetite and reduces hunger cravings
✅ Increases metabolic rate
✅ Metabolizes accumulated fats from problematic regions


❌ Available only from official website.
❌ Even though there are hardly any negative effects, you have to keep in mind that some individuals might experience sleeping problems, due to stimulants content.


Is PhenQ FDA approved or is it licensed?

PhenQ was created in FDA approved laboratories and all of its ingredients have been approved for over-the-counter sale. Unlike Phentermine, PhenQ is not classified as a controlled substance, so you can buy it without a prescription.

How many times a day should I take this supplement?

The recommended dosage is one pill two times a day. One 60-pill packet will last you a month. Don’t take more than two pills a day, because you probably won’t lose additional weight and you could experience certain side effects because of the increased dosage.

Is there an average amount of weight people lose with PhenQ?

This is a difficult question to answer, because everyone’s situation and circumstances are different. We know that people want concrete numbers, but we cannot provide them. Combining PhenQ with an improved diet and additional exercise could allow you to lose up to 30 pounds a month, but a more likely amount to expect is probably around 5 or 6 pounds lost a week.

Can I take this product for a long period of time?

You should always seek the advice of a health professional before taking any diet supplement, especially if you plan on taking it for an extended period of time. This being said, there are no known dangerous side effects seen in people who take PhenQ.

Can someone with a heart condition take this supplement?

Because PhenQ contains stimulants that act to boost your metabolism, a person who has a heart condition should probably not take the supplement. These ingredients can speed up your heart rate, which can be dangerous for people with cardiovascular issues.

Is PhenQ better and safer than Phentermine?

This is the easiest question to answer, because the makers of PhenQ set out to come up with a product that did exactly what Phentermine does, but without the addictive qualities and awful side effects.

This is exactly what they did. PhenQ has the same weight loss effects, but is FDA approved for over-the-counter purchase and is deemed a safe product.

Is it safe for pregnant women?

This is not recommended. Pregnant women should focus on the health of their baby, not their own weight. Weight loss should never be a priority when you are expecting. Wait until the baby is born before thinking about losing weight.

Are there any foods that I can’t consume while taking PhenQ?

There are no foods or drinks that you need to avoid, but eating healthier foods is always a good idea when taking a weight loss supplement. It will work for you even if you don’t change your diet and exercise habits, but is much more effective if you do.

Never use a diet pill or supplement as an excuse to eat unhealthy foods and stop taking part in activity.

Are there specific foods I should eat when taking PhenQ?

Changing your diet for the better when taking PhenQ will enhance its effects. Eating healthier foods is always a positive thing when it comes to weight loss.

PhenQ Diet Pills Conclusion

It is a great satisfaction that we discovered this dietary supplement well deserving its name. We especially loved the transparency of the maker, the quality of information and most importantly the strength of the formula.

If you are searching for an efficient diet supplement then you should select the one with a long track record of positive results (over 190,000 satisfied customers). PhenQ may be the product you are looking for; it binds fat, suppresses your appetite and cravings, and then finally burn your existing fats.

It is an all-in-one weight management system and if you follow the recommended instructions you will see your slimmer figure in a very short amount of time.

A Complete Weight Loss Package

This dietary supplement combines 7 natural ingredients into 1 complete weight loss package. The combination of an appetite suppressant, fat binder, energy booster and fat burner offer you a whole program to considerably decrease your weight.

We were particularly fascinated with the fat metabolizing ingredients as they directly help your body to burn off the fat from the most problematic areas such as abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

Also, PhenQ starts to work almost instantly after the first use and you can lose a massive 8-10 pounds within a matter of 2 weeks, and with an extended use period of about 3 months you could experience up to 44 pounds off or more in weight.

The product itself is easy to use and does not need fitness or diet plan, although understandably it would help accelerate the process of losing more weight.

And to make things easier for you, the company will cover your purchase by risk free 67 day guarantee.

PhenQ Results

Contrary to many fat burners that only offer more energy; this exclusive formula will also help you to recover faster. Many dieters find it hard to maintain an exercise routine because of fatigue, but by supplementing your daily diet with PhenQ you will be able to boost your fat burning capacity, while minimizing your recovery time.

PhenQ is a potent fat burner and hunger controller that takes its strength from the natural ingredients and the precision of the dosage that makes it both functional and safe. All the ingredients have been clinically tested so you can be sure that you are getting the best.

We do recommend it by all means, because there are enough examples of its positive effects when it comes to a healthy weight management.

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