How Does Male Extra Work

How Does Male Extra Work

Male Extra


Improved Overall Sexual Health


Erection Frequency And Hardness


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How Does Male Extra Work For Your Sexual Health?

A common question that comes up while checking any review or product description is whether the product really provides results as claimed by the manufacturer. This holds good for penis enhancement products too and pill like Male Extra is no exception.

There are many men who suffer from sexual issue due to their small penis. Most of them do not discuss this issue with doctors as they feel embarrassed.

How Does Male Extra WorkNow, this issue can be solved with various male enhancements pills available in the market.

Male enhancement pills have helped hundreds of men all around the world to improve their sexual health. These products are considered as the easiest and safest method to improve sexual performance.

Among the various male enhancements pills available Male Extra is the most preferred one.

It is is made by experienced and trained doctors, and has 100% natural components making it safe for consuming. Male Extra gives the user bigger, firm and long lasting erections.

The benefits of male enhancement products are mentioned below:

Harder and long lasting erections
✅ Increased stamina
Prevents premature ejaculation problems
✅ Improves semen quality
Increases the erect size of the penis
✅ Boost your all-around sexual health

This male enhancement product increases the blood circulation in the genitals which provides a satisfying sexual performance, firm erection, and stamina and ejaculation control.

How Does Male Extra Work?

Now, let us understand how the penis gets an erection to help us know how Male Extra will help in influencing this process.

Increased Blood Flow To The Penis

The penis contains within it three cylinders, of which two are known as Corpora Cavernosa 1. To attain an erection, the Corpora Cavernosa fills up with increased blood supply and expands.

When it reaches its full size, there is good erection and the flow of blood will cease. The other cylinder is known as Corpus Spongiosum 2 and is the cylinder from which the semen comes out as ejaculate.

When this male enhancement supplement is used, the ingredients in it will influence the Corpora Cavernosa to become stronger and improve its capacity to hold more blood than what it was initially thereby increasing the size of your erection.

Increased Blood Circulation To The Penis

Male Extra is a natural mix of various important nutrients that include extract of Pomegranate ellagic, L-Arginine, Zinc, and many more.

The main components improve the erectile function and help in increasing the sexual desire in men.

Its ingredients also boost the level of testosterone which increases endurance and stamina during the sexual activity.

Male Extra boosts the sexual capabilities of its consumers by basically increasing the nitric oxide 3 in the body. Nitric oxide is regarded as the most important factor used by the system to get a penis in erection.

Nitric oxide loosens up and expands the arteries and veins in the penis, which means it is possible for the heart to send additional blood to them. And when you have more blood in the penis, it becomes fully engorged and appears harder and bigger when it gets erect.

PomegranateTwo main Male Extra ingredients L-arginine and Pomegranate ellagic stimulate the body to generate additional nitric oxide.

When a male becomes excited, the ingredients in this pill expand blood vessels and the two spongy tubes placed on the down part of the penis for trapping the blood.

This helps the person to enjoy a firm erection. The components of this product are so effective and strong that its advantages are widespread.

The ingredients of Male Extra directly affect erection. These ingredients increase the capability of blood vessels and Corpora Cavernosa to contain more blood which results in a firmer and larger erection.

The natural ingredients in the supplement help in improving blood flow to the penis without causing any changes to your blood pressure or other negative side effects. In addition, the constituents help in bringing a relaxing effect to the nervous system.

Male Extra Nitric Oxide Release

To put it all together, the ingredients in the supplement will help in providing you great results within a short period and soon you will be able to see that your penis is bigger and your erection lasts longer.

All these qualities will add up to making you more confident in bed and be able to satisfy your partner much better.

Boost In Libido

Male Extra is supplied with a top-quality aphrodisiac: caterpillar fungus 4 (Cordyceps sinensis).

It is traditional plant from Chinese medicine that is used for centuries for various health issues, some even call it the Viagra of the Himalayas.

CordycepsIt is the most expensive fungus in the world and it costs $50,000 a pound.

Medical science is aware that Cordyceps can improve both vigor and virility in men.

Probably the key benefit of caterpillar fungus is its influence on human brain.

It is proven to enhance numerous brain capabilities, predominantly the parts of the brain which are in charge of turning on sexual interest.

One more benefit of Cordyceps is that it triggers the sex glands to release more hormones, and that will make you feel more youthful.

On top of that it enhances the testosterone amounts in men. Testosterone is undoubtedly an essential male sex hormone and when its levels are increased you’ll have improved sexual health.

Who Should Use Male Extra?

Male Extra benefits men by intensifying sex drive, combating premature ejaculation, and also allowing prolonged and more enjoyable intercourse. In brief, it is very much like Viagra.

Generally, you may need Male Extra if you find yourself:

Experiencing a reduction in libido and sexual interest
❌ Struggling in getting erections
Dealing with unexpected premature ejaculations
❌ Getting poor erections in spite of strong excitement

How Do You Use Male Extra?

You should take 3 capsules every day, if possible on empty stomach or in-between meals, because it is better absorbed that way. Many men prefer to take them all at one time but I like to take one at the time.

As soon as you begin using them the ingredients start to accumulate in your system until the benefits start to expose themselves.

How Long Does Male Extra Take To Work?

So, what is the usual way in which one can observe results starting from the first month of use?

Better Sex With Male Extra PillsMonth 1 – You will begin to observe that your erection lasts for longer duration than earlier. The girth of the penis might also show some changes.

Some men experience the first effects inside the first week of use, and for some it may take 2 to 3 weeks to experience the positive aspects and this is influenced by your age and health condition.

Month 2 – You will be wonder-struck by the changes that begin to appear along with improvements to your stamina during sex.

Month 3 and later – Your penis will be bigger, harder than you would have ever imagined it could become.

The substances contained in this dietary supplement should help drive more blood into the blood vessels and chambers of your penis which means you won’t see much of a dimensions improvement in your flaccid size however you will see a major increase when you get an erection.

If you use this supplement for a minimum of 3 to 6 months you will realize that your penis size in erection is at least an inch longer.

What you Get with Male Extra

Male Extra is a natural penis enhancement supplement which has been taken with positive results by numerous people.

It is true that many men experience erection dysfunction at some point of time in their lives. These can be resulted by stress, effect of medication, low levels of testosterone and lack of circulation.

MaleExtra combines ingredients that help with penis enhancement as well as enlargement.

The supplement has been created by a formula that has taken years to perfect. It is dependent on scientific basis and clinical trials and is regarded as one among the best pills for male enhancement.

Male Extra Benefits

Male enhancements products are nowadays becoming the common thing for penis enhancement. These have become popular as they are easy to use and offer great benefits.

Male Extra plays the role of a stimulator which increases the flow of blood into the penis at the time of erection.

After consuming the products for male enhancement the chambers present in the penis expands thus giving a larger and thick appearance to the penis.

When you order Male Extra you get:

Per serving worth 1300+ mg, which is what more than what other products give you

✅ Unique formula for penis enhancement, which is available only with Male Extra

Formula combined with pomegranate which has been confirmed to aid with erections

✅ 90 pills are available in each box which is up to thrice more than what is available with other products

Blow her away with the most dominant and potential pill for male enhancement

✅ Risk free money back guarantee of 60 days

The high potential formula shows you enhanced benefits when it comes to pleasing your partner:

Enhance your penis and add life to your erections

✅ Keep yourself going with increased potential and stamina

You can give yourself as well as your partner multiple orgasms

✅ Increased ejaculation and rock hard erections

Enhanced flow of blood to the penis

✅ Get your sex life highly boosted

If you presently have problems with Erectile Dysfunction then you should really try this supplement given that many people who were to get an erection are now discovering they actually can.

Male Extra Results

There are over 150,000 users of the Male Extra and I have been told they have over 90% returning customers which suggest that 9 from 10 men who use it are pleased with their benefits.

Male Extra also offers a unique money back guarantee which is highly important for any product. This establishes credibility and makes you confidently purchase the product which offers it to you.

You will be pleased to know that Male Extra offers you a money back guarantee of 60 days and hence if you do not prefer the product for some reason, you can get back a complete refund.

Since this is something that is not offered by most companies, you can have complete trust on Male Extra.

The best place to order Male Extra is official site and you should stay away from purchasing in other places due to the fact you can find counterfeits offered on other sites.

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